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Dive holiday

Dive boat

BSAC Branch 5 aboard “Conqueror”


What’s it all about?:

“It’s all about the very best diving holiday that Europe has to offer. Right here on the Mediterranean!”


Our operation differs from all dive centres in as much as that we are intent in looking after the needs of a select small group of qualified divers – your group. Other dive centres will often offer accommodation and in these cases all will have hotels which they would recommend and you will probably enjoy what’s offered and be very comfortable, but it will be a hotel all the same. Here we are different – you stay in a beautiful house situated on the canals here in Santa Margarita and you will sit on your terrace having breakfast and then prepare your kit only metres away, load it onto the boat and go diving! You will not be sharing your environment with any others as this is exclusively yours for you and your group alone. In a way the closest example would be a live-aboard except in our case you are ashore and have the freedom to go ashore for entertainment and also essentials as and when you desire!

The boat “Conqueror” remains afloat at the end of the terrace. This substantial 7.5m RIB remains for your exclusive use and you will not find the boat filled with divers you are not familiar with. You dive with your mates and, unlike commercial dive centres, you can select the site you want to dive and make sure when you get there you are alone with your buddies and not just another ingredient in diver soup! What better way to enjoy diving in its’ purest form than to make all of the decisions like this?

Of course we understand dive kit is heavy and not well accepted by many airlines and so we arrange the supply tanks & lead from our partner dive centre for your use. Treat them as your own and fill with air from one of our local stations currently priced as low as 5 euro per fill! Dive when you want to dive, where you want to dive.

We here at Fleet Dive look forward to welcoming you and your party for the diving holiday to beat all others, right here in Europe!


Oh did we mention that we will throw in a luxury seven seat American people carrier as a courtesy too?


Regarding the dive sites:

The coastline of Costa Brava, particularly in this region of Cap de Creus, is so rugged that the whole stretch could be considered as Moray - scuba.one long dive site but inevitably time has given our forefathers the ability to determine which particular spots have something special to offer. In this particular case some seventy or so specified sites exist within 12nm of our base in the Bay of Roses. We have managed to gather the co-ordinates and also some data on the greater majority of these sites and have placed them in the GPS for your convenience. These range from reef through wall to wreck and cave, simple shallow dives through to complex and challenging dives. There is literally something for everyone on this coastline of the Mediterranean!

Medas diving

The famed Medas Islands


Most dive centres will, understandably, restrict the sites they dive to ones within a short distance from home port. Herein lies another advantage to our scuba diving holiday since in your case here you are limited by three things only, time, fuel and your imagination. With a range of some 400 miles, fuel isn’t going to be your issue which leaves only time and imagination. 12nm from home port brings you within range at 40 minutes RIB-ride of both the famed Medas islands and the less well known but no less spectacular headland of the marine reserve “Cap de Creus”. Don’t just take our word for it – come down to the Costa Brava Spain and check it out for yourselves!




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Dive Europe! Dive the Mediterranean! Dive Costa Brava! Dive Fleet!