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Wreck Saint Prosper located!

Wreck Saint Prosper

Our intrepid explorers from Aylesbury have only gone and discovered the wreck of the Steamship Saint Prosper! Ok “officially” we know she was discovered in the 1960’s but in recent times we know of no-one who has dived this vessel. The listed co-ordinates on the internet are off by a country mile but Ray, using scanning techniques in the general area, managed to positively identify a size-able wreck. Rob, who has dived expeditions with the great Monty Halls, rolled in with Nathan and fell right onto the wreck. Great work lads and a great finish to their week!


  • joel on June 6, 2014

    Many french divers dived this boat, they fix a commemorative table on 2009, divers was franck gentilli, patrice strazzera andother divers from the same technicaldiving team.
    Joel giry

  • admin on June 6, 2014

    Thank you Joel, of course you are correct however in more recent times the wreck seems to have been forgotten and is no longer marked by anything other than fish. Our Scuba Santa’s divers did very well to find her and we are very pleased to be able to include her in our portfolio now. We have a lot of interest of late from Techies with scary equipment! 😉

  • admin on June 6, 2014

    By the way the attachment of the commemorative plaque was a nice touch. I do hope those straps they used to secure it stand the test of time!

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